Install pyaerocom dev

Managing pyaerocom version

Pyaerocom python package is open source project and is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0.

Pyaerocom stable version

The latest release of pyaerocom is available via conda-forge and PyPi and has been installed in Abisko JupyterHub.

If you need to install pyaerocom on your local laptop, follow the documentation.

Pyaerocom development version

Pyaerocom is open source and it is fast evolving so during the NEGI Abisko course, you may need to install a development version.

A development version is not a release yet but you can install it in your jupyterLab environment on Abisko JupyterHub.

Pyaerocom development versions are located in different branches (not in the master branch). So to install a development version, check first which branch to use.

In Abisko JupyterHub, open a Terminal.

Then clone Pyaerocom:

git clone -b v081dev

In the example above, we will be installing pyaerocom version v081dev available in v081dev branch.

cd pyaerocom
python install --user

If you had a notebook opened and running, make sure to restart the python kernel (Kernel menu --> Restart kernel). You will then have to re-run all the cells of your notebook.

Check pyaerocom version

import pyaerocom

In our case it returns: