CMIP6 data

CMIP6 data

Coupled Model Intercomparison project Phase 6

  • Project under World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
  • Since 1995 CMIP has coordinated climate model experiments
  • Defines common experiment protocols, forcings and output.
  • 33 model groups participate

GMD special issue with articles explaining all MIPs in CMIP6 :


  • Homogenized and standardized outputs
  • Same variable name
  • Same experiments

Experiments (DECK)


Tool to download from ESGF archive:

  • Easiest: Sugestion:
    • Choose a MIP (model intercomparison project) under "Activity" (e.g. CMIP)
    • Choose e.g. "Experiment ID" historical
    • Choose "Realm" e.g. aerosol
      • Press search (this will narrow your further options)
    • If you want a particular Data Node:, you can choose this under "Source ID"
    • Now you can use either use "Variable" or "CF Standard Name" to pick out the variable you want. ## Download to Jupyter hub:
    • Click on the "WGET Script" under the variable file you want.
    • The file will get downloaded to your computer.
    • Upload it to the Jupyter Hub (you can click and drag the file into your folder)
    • Use a terminal in Jupyter hub and run
      bash wget***.sh -H
      (Replace wget***.sh by the actual name of your file)
    • When it askes for openid and password, just press "enter".

There are some tools for downloading and manipulating data, but I don't have experience with them.