This lesson is still being designed and assembled (Pre-Alpha version)

GEO4962: The General Circulation of the Atmosphere: Glossary

Key Points

  • CESM

Overview of the Computing and storage infrastructure
  • Learn about the e-infrastructure we will be using for running and analyzing the model

Get familiar with CESM and the computing environment
  • CESM

  • High-Performance Computing

  • Saga


  • netCDF

  • ncdump

  • ncview

Overview of analysis and visualization tools for netCDF data
  • Some of the tools available to manipulate netCDF files

Analyze and visualize test model outputs with python using Jupyter notebooks
  • jupyterlab

  • hybrid sigma levels

  • xarray

From hybrid sigma-pressure (model) levels to pressure levels
  • hybrid sigma levels

  • pressure levels

Analyze and visualize control model outputs
  • control run

  • climatology

Setup model experiments
  • Evaluate various climate scenarii

  • Start an experiment from a control run

  • For PhD students: define, numerically implement and scientifically evaluate their own extreme geo-engineering solution to conteract doubling CO2

CO2 experiment
  • CO2

Rocky experiment
  • Rocky

Sea-ice experiment
  • sea-ice

SST experiment
  • SST

Himalaya experiment
  • Himalaya

Running your experiments and analyzing your results
  • Start an experiment from a spinup

  • Continue an existing experiment

  • Evaluate the CPU time required for a long run

  • Make custom plots

Long-term archiving
  • long-term archiving

  • clean