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Himalaya experiment


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  • How to remove Himalaya mountains?

  • Learn to remove the Himalaya mountains in a CESM experiment

Himalaya Mountains: how to update the input dataset?

Copy the original surface geopotential file into your case directory.

On Saga:
export EXPNAME=himalaya
cd $HOME/cases/F2000climo-f19_g17.$EXPNAME

cp /cluster/projects/nn1000k/cesm/inputdata/./atm/cam/topo/ .

Use nco utilities to edit the values in the file ( We will use a function called ncap2 – (netCDF Arithmetic Averager) single line command below.

On Saga:
module load NCO/4.7.9-intel-2018b

ncap2 -O -s 'lat2d[lat,lon]=lat ; lon2d[lat,lon]=lon' -s 'omask=(lat2d >= 30.0 && lat2d <= 50.0) && (lon2d >=70.0 && lon2d <= 100.0)' -s 'PHIS=(PHIS*(1-omask))' fv_1.9x2.5_nc3000_Nsw084_Nrs016_Co120_Fi001_ZR_061116_$

Apply this change.

On Saga:
echo "bnd_topo = './fv_1.9x2.5_nc3000_Nsw084_Nrs016_Co120_Fi001_ZR_061116_$'" >> user_nl_cam 	


grep topo /cluster/work/users/$USER/cesm/F2000climo-f19_g17.$EXPNAME/run/atm_in

Copy the modified surface geopotential data file into your run directory.

On Saga:
cp fv_1.9x2.5_nc3000_Nsw084_Nrs016_Co120_Fi001_ZR_061116_$ /cluster/work/users/$USER/cesm/F2000climo-f19_g17.$EXPNAME/run/.

Key Points

  • Himalaya