Study topics


THEMES and GROUP topics

Three overarching themes, will be split further in study groups

Each theme will receives an inspiring set of slides with research questions and publications

Further details will be given wednesday morning in And√łya

Cloud&Radiation Tanja , Tommaso - PaulG/Michael

  • Arctic Clouds
  • Cloud profiles
  • Aerosol Cloud interactions
  • Gases and water vapor

Aerosol Maria, Augustin, Jonas - PaulZ/Betsy/Michael

  • Remote sensing - aerosol optical properties
  • In-situ measurements - aerosol optical, microphysical, chemical properties
  • Aerosol trends
  • Aerosol profiles
  • Natural aerosol evaluation
  • Hygroscopocity and seasalt

Meteorology Sara, Janne - Michael

  • Arctic boundary layer meteorology
  • Trajectory analysis
  • Radiative balance and Forcing