JupyterHub Help


Instructions for accessing Jupyter notebooks at Sigma2 server

  • you should have received an email message titled “JupyterHub links for NeGi-Andoya-2018”
    • if not please request it to the course organizers
  • follow “invitation link” in the email message
    • If you don’t already have a Feide user (then you just log in and skip this step), click “Feide guest users”.
      • You must use a Feide user! if you log in as an affiliate, it wont work.
    • register a new account
      • for the sake of simiplicity try to use the same email that you are using for the course
      • also try to use the same (or similar) user ID that you have for github
      • finish the registration process
  • open again on the “invitation link” in the email
    • login with “Feide guest users”
      • accept the different policies
      • agree to become a member of the NeGI-Andoya
    • the browser should display the message “Loading group details”
  • now go to the “sigma2 jupyter” link in the email message
    • click “Sign in with Dataporten”
    • login with Feide
  • finally the web browser should display a page with “jupyter” on the upper left side
  • for later usage of the notebooks just use the “sigma2 jupyter” link
  • let us know how the setup went by filling out this form


  • When you have functions in separate files and import them in your jupyter notebook, you can reload them in your jupyter notebook (without having to restart your kernel):
import mymodule
import imp