In this document you will find information on:

Data Overview

Sample dataset for pyaerocom

A minimal sample dataset can be found in pyaerocom-data repository. To get started, download or clone the repository using

git clone

and follow the instructions provided in the README.

The dataset requires about 200 MB of disk space and includes the following data:

Model data (subdirectory modeldata)
  • sample data from CAM5.3-Oslo (Aerosol optical properties -> AODs, Angstrom coeffs., 2008-2010, monthly). The data files are in NetCDF format and can be found the renamed subdirectory.
Observation data (subdirectory obsdata)
  • Aeronet V3 level 2 direct sun products and SDA: Subset of 100 randomly picked stations (the same both for Sun and SDA) in form of ascii files.
  • MODIS: AOD @550nm, 2010, daily (NetCDF format)
Get started

Follow the instructions provided in the README. If you have the pyaerocom software installed (including all required dependencies), you can try to run the getting_started Jupyter notebook that comes with the test dataset.

CMIP5 data

A small subset of CMIP-5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project ) data has been copied on NIRD:

cd /projects/NS1000K/NEGI-Andoya/inputs/CMIP5
bcc-csm1-1    CMCC-CESM       GFDL-ESM2M       historical      MPI-ESM-MR
bcc-csm1-1-m  CMCC-CM         GFDL-HIRAM-C180  inmcm4          MPI-ESM-P
BNU-ESM       CMCC-CMS        GISS-E2-H        IPSL-CM5A-LR    MRI-CGCM3
CanAM4        CNRM-CM5        GISS-E2-H-CC     IPSL-CM5A-MR    MRI-ESM1
CanCM4        CSIRO-Mk3-6-0   GISS-E2-R        IPSL-CM5B-LR    NorESM1-M
CanESM2       download        GISS-E2-R-CC     MIROC4h         NorESM1-ME
CCSM4         EC-EARTH        HadCM3           MIROC5
CESM1-BGC     FGOALS-g2       HadGEM2-A        MIROC-ESM

CMIP5 data from NorESM1

All postprocessed cmorized NORESM1 CMIP5 data are stored at nird, eg historical data:


We copy data on request to /nird/projects/NS1000K/NEGI-Andoya/inputs/

Or you may get acces to the project NS9034K. Send nird user name by email to Michael.

Unprocessed CMIP5 data from NorESM1

on request…

Aerocom database

A subset is found /nird/projects/NS1000K/NEGI-Andoya/inputs/pyaerocom-testdata/modeldata/

To look into the AeroCom database directly, apply for user account:

Data Management

To make your research reproducible, it is important to keep track of all the data you will be using in your research (how and where to get data, etc.). Some publishers require both precise information on data and software/scripts you are using before your can publish your paper. All data are to be stored in a directory under /nird/projects/NS1000K/NEGI-Andoya/inputs/

Adding a readme file is required.

Important aspects to consider

Data management plan (DMP)

A data management plan (DMP) will help you manage your data, and help others use your data if shared.

Examples of national and international systems for DMP: