Set-up your laptop


Install packages

  1. The Bash Shell
  2. Git
  3. Text editor
  4. Install Python
  5. Create a new conda environment with additional packages

Set-up your SSH keys

On your laptop:

  1. Checking for existing SSH keys
  2. Generating a new SSH key This stage is only necessary if you do not have SSH keys yet (see 1).
  3. Adding your SSH key to the ssh-agent
  4. Copy your SSH public key to NIRD (
# MAke sure you change directory (cd) to your HOME area on your laptop
# remote copy your SSH public key to NIRD
# Make sure you change USER by your username/login name on NIRD
# on NIRD the file is named tmp.key instead of
scp .ssh/
  1. Connect to NIRD

In the same GIT-bash terminal (Windows) or Terminal (Mac-OSX and linux):

# option -Y is added to forward X over SSH to run graphics applications remotely on NIRD
# Make sure you replace USER by your username/login name on NIRD
ssh -Y


  1. Check the machine name

After the previous command, you should be logged in on NIRD. To check:


The previous command should return something like:
  1. Add your SSH public key to NIRD:
# cd without option change directory to your default HOME directory
# create a new directory .ssh (option -p allows to avoid failure if 
# .ssh directory already exists
mkdir -p .ssh
# set unix permissions (you only can read/write/access)
chmod 700 .ssh
# concatenate (using cat command) your public key to authorized keys
# the double sign > (>>) allows to keep any existing content and add tmp.key to
# the end of file authorized_keys
# if authorized_keys does not exist yet, it will be created
cat tmp.key >> .ssh/authorized_keys
# set unix permissions on the authorized_keys file
chmod 644 .ssh/authorized_keys

# remove (rm) temporary file tmp.key once it is concatenated to your authorized keys
# option -f allows to force removal (do not ask for confirmation)
rm -f tmp.key


  1. If you do not have a github account yet, create a Github
  2. Give us your github username so we ca add you as a collaborator to this repository

  3. Login on NIRD and create new SSH keys.
  4. Add your public SSH key to your github account