Tools to explore netCDF files

Here is a non exhaustive list of tools/software you can use to post-process and visualize netCDF files:

CDO (Climate Data Operators)

CDO is a collection of command-line operators to manipulate and analyze climate and numerical weather prediction data and can manipulate CAM model outputs (netCDF). CDO provides more than 350 operators!

NCO (netCDF Operators)

NCO is a suite of programs designed to perform certain “operations” on netCDF files, i.e., things like averaging, concatenating, subsetting, or metadata manipulation.

NCL (Ncar Command Language)

NCL is an interpreted language (no need to compile your program) designed specifically for scientific data analysis and visualization.

Ncview: a netCDF visual browser

Ncview is one of the simplest visual browser for netCDF format files. If you want to learn more about ncview:

Python programming language

Python is a general purpose programming and scripting language which includes powerful visualisation and data analysis tools. Matplotlib is a general purpose plotting library gioving Python the power of MatLab. NetCDF files can be read using the NetCDF4 library and/or Xarray. The most common distribution of Python for scientific use is the Anaconda distribution.

Useful Shell command (loops, etc.)

For more information see the Software Carpentry shell lesson.