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Automated testing


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  • Why does testing need to be part of the software development cycle?

  • how can software development cycle be implemented?

  • Learn about automated testing with pytest

  • Learn about travis and how to use it

We use CodeRefinery lesson on Automated testing.

Automated testing

In this lesson we will discuss why testing needs to be part of the software development cycle and how such a cycle can be implemented. We will exercise a collaborative testing/code review workflow.


  1. You need pytest (as part of Anaconda or Miniconda or Virtualenv).

  2. Basic understanding of Git.

  3. You need a GitHub account.

  4. You will also need a Travis CI account but you can sign into it with your GitHub account.

Automated testing in practice

Conclusions and recommendations

Key Points

  • collaborative testing/code review workflow

  • pytest

  • travis