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Getting your hands-on Climate data

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00:00 1. Introduction What is climate?
What type of data is available?
What is a reanalysis?
What is a climate model?
What is a climate projection?
What hypothesis for climate projections?
00:00 2. Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS) Where to get Climate data?
What is Copernicus CDS?
How to retrieve Copernicus Climate data?
What are netCDF and GRIB formats?
00:00 3. Visualize Climate data with Python Learn to visualize Climate data?
00:00 4. Visualize Climate data with R Learn to visualize Climate data?
00:00 5. Climate Data Store Toolbox What is the Copernicus Climate Data Store Toolbox?
How to retrieve dataset with the Toolbox?
How to quickly visualize a dataset with the Toolbox?
What is the best workflow to analyze and visualize climate data?
00:00 Finish

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