Galaxy Community Project for ESM

What is Galaxy?

Galaxy is a scientific workflow, data integration and data and analysis persistence and publishing platform that aims to make computational data analysis accessible to research scientists, from those that do not have computer programming or systems administration experience to the most advanced users. Although it was initially developed for genomics research, it is largely domain agnostic and is now used as a general workflow management system.

How to use Galaxy with existing ESM tools?

The Galaxy Climate JupyterLab that is available on Galaxy Europe can be used to run ESM models and tools.

Access to Galaxy Europe is free and anyone can register but by default users usually have limited access to computing resources and storage.

How to add new ESM tools to Galaxy?

Many of our tools are packaged with conda and available either in the bioconda or conda forge (the latter is nowadays the prefered solution).

Contact is you wish to add new tools related to Earth System modelling and Climate data analysis in Galaxy.

Galaxy Training Network

All the Galaxy training material related to climate science and ecology are available online at GTN website:

Please contact if you would like to develop or suggest any new training material.