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NICEST2 project plan

The NICEST2 Project Plan has now been published and it will be presented during the next NICEST2 consortium meeting.

New NICEST 2 staff

We welcome Jørgen Halvorsen Nordmoen (UiO/Sigma2) as a new member of NICEST-2. Jørgen works on accelerators (GPUs and similar) for UiO-USIT research computing (Norway) and his expertise will be of great help for igiving us some insights on how to migrate our codes to future HPC architectures.

Jørgen will be mostly working in WP3.

NICEST 2 at CSC GPU Hackathon

To take advantage of Jørgen expertise and start WP3 activities, NICEST2 is planning to participate to CSC GPU Hackathon (4-day event). This work will be undergone in collaboration with NorESM developpers. It is a good opportunity to engage and get a prospective view of possibilities offered by accelerators for migrating Earth System Modelling codes to future architectures.

The Finnish ESGF node

The installation phase of the Finnish ESGF node is nearly completed.

The publication of CMIP6 climate data produced by the University of Helsinki and FMI will start in October.

Well done!

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