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What happened in NICEST 2 project?

You will find below the 5 most important news and outcomes of the NICEST 2 project for April 2022.

ESFG news: refactoring and updating the documentation for ESGF Publishing tool. Monitoring script to keep track of Tier2 nodes for correctness of published catalog files, in particular to detect cases where the thredds catalog is out of sync with indexed publications. We are planning for ESGF/CMIP6 websprint after summer holidays.

Survey on the preparedness of research communities to efficiently use national infrastructure: distribute and participate in the survey (5mn) to identify and prioritise issues faced by research communities to efficiently exploit the existing and new e-infrastructure, including EuroHPC Joint Undertaking for running very large computations on the largest European High Performance Computers.

Hackathon on EDAM-geo 4-6 May 2022, Oslo (Norway):  to improve the FAIRness of our tools (ESM models, diagnostics, etc.)  and workflows, we are organising a 3 days hackathon to extend the EDAM ontology and "describe" topics, operations, data and formats we use in Geosciences (including ecology). More information and registration here.

ESMValTool diagnostics & NICEST 2: We are working with researchers on implementing existing analysis scripts in ESMValTool. Selected use cases: Methane emissions from wetlands, ocean heat content and atmospheric circulation type classification.

GPU and Climate Science. Sign up to ROHub using your ORCID identifier and add resources you know/have created in GPU and Climate Science to the Open Research Object on GPU and Climate Science. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

Contact: annefou@geo.uio.no, Project Manager of the NICEST2 project.

Source: https://nordicesmhub.github.io/nicest2/