NICEST2 InfoBoard 

What happened in NICEST 2 project?

You will find below the 5 most important news and outcomes of the NICEST 2 project for June 2022.

This InfoBoard can be downloaded as pdf too.

Did you miss the Climate Research and Data management session during the NeIC 2022 conference?. Checkout the lightning talks from speakers with a range of experiences. The talks focused on the most important factors motivating and/or hindering the uptake of FAIR principles in the Nordic climate community.

After a successful hackathon on EDAM-geo 4-6 May 2022, Oslo (Norway), we are planning a follow-up workathon on EDAM-Geo as an hybrid event (Bergen, online) on 10-12 August 2022. More information and registration here.

Successful Earth System Modelling simulation with singularity containers carried out on LUMI with the variable resolution CESM (VR-CESM) and the spectral-element dynamical core with a global 1 degree horizontal resolution grid and a regional refinement of ¼ degree resolution over the Arctic region and a ⅛ degree resolution covering the big island of Greenland.

Fruitful collaboration with the Pangeo Community. We are working on deploying a Pangeo dask Jupyterhub on EOSC with EGI-ACE and Pangeo Europe. The computing resources and storage are given from CESNET. The main objective of this activity is to learn to deploy Pangeo with a dask cluster and facilitate the exploitation at scale of climate model data generated by any researchers in the Nordics.

Survey on the preparedness of research communities to efficiently use national infrastructure: distribute and participate in the survey (5mn) to help us identify and prioritise the most important issues faced by research communities to efficiently exploit the existing and new e-infrastructure. Deadline extended until September 2022.

Contact: annefou@geo.uio.no, Project Manager of the NICEST2 project.

Source: https://nordicesmhub.github.io/nicest2/