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The context of Climate data

Coordinated efforts often as part of the World Climate Research Program:

  • ERA5, UERRA (re-analysis)

Data is usually distributed and available online through portals (ESGF, EBAS, AEROCOM, etc.): Standardized procedures (common variables names, units, metadata conventions) and quality control before publishing data.

Individual work and blue skies research:

  • Sometimes serve to advance scientific knowledge in particular areas, often focused on addressing/validating specific questions or theories, and ought to benefit the community, eventually (improve models, measurement instruments, data analysis, etc.).

Data is by design/purpose unorganized, unconstrained, unstandardized, unchecked, and for the vast majority usually unusable outside the project/lab/researcher.

An exhanustiv list of climate data relevant for the Climate Science Demonstrator is given in EOSC-Nordic Task 5.3.

Climate use cases

Personas and Pathways

EOSC Nordic Climate Use cases

EOSC Nordic Climate tasks